Monday, November 15, 2010

see the trees

hey look, I don't just steal art projects and talk about doing them, I actually have the kids do them and eventually take photos and put them up. Hear is a snapshot of our tree unit with photos of a about half of the lessons. Enjoy.

the "raindrop" tree project I made up to teach 3rd grade about overlap and working on perspective

2nd grade's texture trees inspired by the lesson at We Heart Art
4th grade once again did this lesson from Kids Artists. We ran out of black paper for the background and we used blue instead....I like it better with black. This year I also had them practice their tints to create variegation around the "moon" using paint instead of oil pastel. Too early in the year for this...they got really frustrated. Lets not even talk about how frustrated they got cutting out the black trees. This was one of my fav projects last year. Next year I'll go back to the original version.

Too many people have done this project to give any one person credit for it anymore. But it is the basic tape resist tree. Lots of people do it as a winter Birch painting. We don't have Birch trees in Oregon so we did a fall version. This was 5th grades 1st time painting with acrylics. They liked how rich the colors where and how fast it dried. I liked how each student was able to take the basic directions and come up with their own unique twist on the cluster of trees.

and as always the office bulletin to enlarge. In there are some 1st grade Klimt inspired trees that I didn't take close up photos of for some reason. I did those with a very small group of 1st graders who were done early with some test.

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