Saturday, November 13, 2010

good vibrations

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I'm not good a posting projects in order...oh well. This was a quick project after the 6-7th grade students completed their complex color wheels. I asked them to choose a music symbol anything from a music note to a music instrument to an Ipod. After students did a simple sketch of their music symbol I had them make radiating outlines of the symbols shape. I asked them to think like their symbol was creating waves of vibration just like a real music instrument. I then asked students to choose three colors to paint their work. I liked seeing the color choices they made when left to their own devices. Of all the music symbols that were chosen the music notes and notation were the strongest. This would also be a good lesson for exploring monochormatic tints and shades. I also think 4th-5th grade could handle this lesson.
P.S. I got the general idea for the lesson from Arts and Activities

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  1. This is an awesome project. I think my 5th & 6th grade classes could do this easily.