Monday, March 29, 2010

africa resources

My 6-8th class is starting the new trimester by looking at the art of Africa. They did a large africa unit two years ago so this will be a short unit.

Some websites I have found helpful are: AFRICA (a PBS show and website) there is an adult and a kids version with good lesson plans.

A few basic facts:
Africa is a continent made up of 54 different countries
Over 1,000 languages are spoken in Africa
797 million people live in Africa
Africa has 8 major regions. Sahara, Sahel, Ethiopian Highlands, Savanna

The top part of Egypt is the Sahara desert region
The Sahara is the world's largest desert
Egypt is a country in Africa, not the middle east
In the Sahara desert salt is very valuable for trading and selling
If you lived in the Sahara you might eat couscous with onions and tomato, dates and goat milk for lunch or dinner.
The temperature in the Sahara ranges from 109 during the day to below freezing at night

The next lowest region is the Sahel region
Grazing and grassland is mixed with desert in this region
Goat, cow and chicken are a main part of the diet in this region
The Dogon people are the master artisans of the area and are famous for their masks and gourd desgins
Elephants and giraffes live in this region

Next is the Ethiopian Highlands
Has Africa's highest mountians
Is the only country in Africa that has never been colonized
Ethiopia has experianced horible droughts
Christianity is really important to all aspects of life in Ethiopia
If you lived in Ethiopia you would eat a flat spongy bread called Injera along with stewed lentels, vegetables and meats like chicken, beaf and lamb
Ibex, babbons and wolfs live in this region

The Savanna
When most people think of Africa they think of the Savanna
This region is full of wildlife and where you would go on a Safari
Wildebeest, lions, zebra, gizelles, elepthants, cheetas and lepords all live on the Savanna
The Massi live in this area and are known for their beaded jewlery and carved shields
A favorite meal is called Irio made of peas, potatos, corn, spinach and butter

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