Sunday, March 7, 2010

who am I?

Who am I?
This is not an art post...this is in response to the now 20+ strangers that are reading my blog. That is an odd thought to me as I never really thought anyone would look at it.

I started this blog last spring as a form of digital lesson plans. I am a flake and loose anything on paper. Traditional lesson plan books don't work so well for me. That and I like having the option of pulling up my blog and looking at samples of projects during the day to remind me what I'm doing or look for alternative plans I have found.

So if you have read my posts, not just looked at the photos, you have probably gathered this info:

  • I am female
  • I have my Masters of Teaching
  • My undergrad work was a double major in urban sociology (aka pre social work) and studio art
  • I have been teaching for four years
  • I teach at a K-8 school
  • I teach at a public school in a very large district
  • I teach at a low income/rough school
  • I teach four immersion classes yet I speak very little Spanish
  • I teach 2 life skills classes one low functioning and one high functioning
  • I do not disclose the exact school or district where I work
  • I'm rapidly approaching 30 and while I'm married I have no children aside from my dog
  • I have a side business that pays for my classroom art supplies and my belly dance's that shop on the side bar: apples love oranges over at Etsy. I'm pretty successful with it!
  • I love to sew
  • I live in the neighborhood where I students are my neighbors
  • I think some shifty, crappy stuff is going at my school right now and I'm not happy with it
  • I run a pretty structured art program as far as classroom management but try to give my students a lot of freedom when it comes to making choices about their art
  • I hold myself and my students to very high standards
  • I draw a lot from the ideas of the DBAE program
  • I think art history is an important part of art education
  • I think art teaches problem solving skills and forces kids to try things that are outside of their comfort zone
  • I raise chickens
  • I have a sweet tooth
  • oh yeah and I look like a kid....I'm all of five feet tall :)
That's me. Have a great week.


  1. I love your site! As a former art teacher, but now a stay at home mom, I can relate to a lot of who you are and what you do. I love the projects you come up with and have adapted many to do with my kids at home! Luv the chicks on your shoulder, so cute!