Sunday, March 28, 2010


New and improved for spring 2010 Art Room Expectations and Explanations

Welcome back from spring break and to the spring semester of art. This year we are looking at art from around the world. This trimester we will do units on the art of Africa (African Masks, Savannah sunset painting, African animal painting), art from South and Central America, (such as Mola's, tropical bird pastels, Amate bark painting, Mayan calendar images) art and artists from Mexico (Huichol yarn designs, nichos, tin work, Freida Kalo, murals with Diego Rivera) and the art of North America (Pacific Northwest Native American Masks, art in the style of Georgia O'Keef ). We may add projects depending on time and interest.

We will work with these types of media:
Metal Work
Oil pastels

As always you WILL receive a grade in this class. This trimester we are going to try something new. Each project will have a grading rubric that will be done by both you and me to help determine your grade on the project. Just finishing the project is no longer enough to pass art.

In addition to your major art projects your grade will be based on attendance, daily participation, working to your BEST ability and completion/participation in daily warm-ups.

Daily warm-ups can include:
Monday Masterpiece
Power Point presentations and discussions
Wednesday Watercolor
Drawing from objects
Drawing from how to draw sheets
Guided drawings
Oregon Art Beat viewing (NEW)
Verbal or written artist statements

Of course I expect you to uphold our general school behavior expectations:
Be Safe
Be Kind
Be Responsible
Be Respectful

I also expect these specifics:
Show up to class on time
Listen respectfully
Use respectful language
Treat your art and others art respectfully
Use the art room and the materials in it correctly
Clean up after yourself
Participate in class
Get help when you need it (ask 3, then ask me)
Work to your best ability
Show persistence in your attitude and effort

Extra privileges such as choosing where you sit or listening to music are EARNED based on individual and group ability to follow the above expectations.

***This trimester, if you or your class earns music listening privileges, music MUST be enjoyed through your headphones and only headphones*****

A few extra things to think about:
560 students come through the art room each week. I provided each 6-8th grade class with a cabinet to store your art in. If you want your art to be safe, make sure you put it in the cabinet.

One at a time to the bathroom, take a pass, you may go during work time, not during warm-up, instruction or clean up time.

If you, or others, take things from the art room that belong in the art room...they are no longer around for you to use in the future (for example sharpies and pencil sharpeners)

Art should be an enjoyable part of your day, but it is still a class, not a social hour, if you are in art, you need to be doing art.

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