Sunday, March 28, 2010

Asian art unit : Paper cuts

Paper cutting is an art from in Japan and China. We looked at a power point of traditional and modern paper cut artwork then choose a paper cut design to work on from a Dover book I have. The designs ranged from small and simple to large and very complex. Students who really struggled with this project were asked to use a stencil to write their name and then cut out their name.

Students choose their paper cut design. They put their paper design on top of black construction paper and taped it down at the edges. They put the papers on top of a magazine and then listened to me give a long boring lecture about using exacto knives safely. Then they cut and cut and cut. Many had to start over several times and switch to simpler patterns. When everything was cut out each student choose a bright color to put behind the black paper and I laminated the finished product. These took about two weeks but the end results were amazing! (P.S. I had another project, the watercolor koi, for students who did simpler paper cuts and were done early)

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