Saturday, March 13, 2010

kinder quilts

Back in early February we did a quilt unit with all grades. These were the kinder pattern quilts. I this project I had the students really focus on spacial skills. Each student was given a "puzzle" board which was a black line template for the quilt square. I then put all the puzzle pieces down and they had to "build" their puzzle. Students had to match the correct color to the color word marked on the puzzle. They also had to keep manipulating the shape pieces till they matched the puzzle board. I did pre cut all the shapes for this project because I wanted the students to focus on word matching and spacial skills. I also made sure to only use colors where the words had been taught already in their classroom. Finally I had a cheat sheet on the board that had the color word and = sign and a rectangle of paper in the color that matched. I think this would be a good lesson for early ELL learners who are working on color and shape words.

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