Sunday, March 7, 2010

cities, castles, houses, barns and buildings

Artwork By Michael Holland

So this month I want to do earth, sky, water as our overall theme. We started with all our ocean projects so water. Next it is time for land. I was going to go with basic landscapes but then I decided to go more with buildings of some form. So I went searching for anything building related...houses, barns, cities, castles...stuff like that.

Let me start by saying that Patti over at Deep Space Sparkle has the lock down on this genre of projects. She even has an instruction packet for the three projects I tagged from her site.

Art Projects for Kids of course also has a lot of good lessons as they always do.

I like these project because they don't take fancy materials and they seem pretty flexible with what type of media you use to make them. I grouped the photos by subject.

Deep Space Sparkle Fun painted barn that she suggest for 3rd graders. I think I would need my 4th graders to do this because my younger students are really struggling with painting this year.
Deep Space Sparkle Painted Lady Victorians from San Fran. I would love to see watercolor or colored pencil added to these. 5th or 6th grade is what I would use this for
from Art Projects for kids Wow she did this with Kinders! I'm going to do it with 2nd grade with oil pastel and tempera cake resist
from Art Projects for Kids THIS will be our kinder project so we can use up some extra "painted paper" from our ocean projects. I'll make some square, rectangle, triangle and trapezoid templates they can trace around to make the parts of their collage houses.

Castles: Everyone, all ages, boys and girls seem to love castles!

A book of art projects I have...not sure the book. I'll find it and post it.
Art Lessons for Kids, also made with templates. She put sticky labels on the castle and had the kids color over it to get the neat stone texture. I think 2nd and 3rd would like these a lot and it would be fun to do a dragon project with it.

Deep Space Sparkle using templates, more for 4th, 5th and 6th graders
??? cute model magic castle made by some kid

ok it is not a castle....but the Taj is basically a different type of castle. From Childs Elementary School a good lesson on symmetry. This one done by 5th graders. My 4th graders like drawing and do well at it. They do NOT like coloring or painting things so I think the drawing and quick watercolor wash of this might go over well. We will need some templates to work with or they will get to frustrated.


I don't know where these came from...sorry! Maybe Kid Artists? I don't know where it came from but I LOVE it! It is hard to see but the cities are painted on newspaper then cut out and glued onto the sky background. As I see it you would need to sketch the city, do the black line painting and windows and set aside to dry till next class. If you have remaining time do a quick blue background with tempera paint. Next class cut out city and glue onto background and then black backing paper.
from Teach Kids Art

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