Thursday, March 25, 2010

hidden animals

Done several years ago with a 5th grade class. The focus was on pattern and camouflage. Students used markers to fill a paper with colorful patterns in a radial design. Then they chose a template of an animal that uses camouflage to stay safe. I believe the choices were lizard, snake, rabbit and butterfly. Students tracked their animal onto tooling foil (you could also use card stock) and they cut out their animal. I then asked them to use a stylus to press 1 pattern into the animal. Next they placed the animal on the middle of their pattern paper and had to "hide" their animal in the picture by continuing the design onto the tin animal. Finally we taped the animal onto the paper by putting a little bit of foam core between the paper and tin animal. They turned out so well and everyone loved looking for the hidden animal.


  1. Those pictures look terrific! I may have to try that in my classes. Thanks!

  2. Did you just use crayons marker? Would you be willing to share your animal templates with me? Also how long would this project take? I'm a 6th grade teacher at an elementary school. Each year we have art rotations for 2 days as well as whatever other art projects we can get in during the year. I'm rotating with a 4th and a 5th grade class. We may have an hour and a half. Any suggestions?