Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Apples Love Oranges update and desgin sneek pre-viwe!

Wow unbelievable sale day yesterday. 9 items! Most of those were reserved items for friends but then to top it off a random stranger bought my ocean friends onesie! I now have made enough to officially get some business cards before last Thursday. I was also happy/sad to find the cute girls tee-shirts I use on super sale last night (happy). Sad because they were on sale because they are only doing long sleeve for the rest of the season so I can't get more on demand. I bought out the rest of what they had but it was not as much as I would like. I'll have to go to a different location of the store today and try to get a few more.
I'm going to add three new designs today. I have a feeling the black bird fly! one is going to be a good seller.

First new design.
The apple and the tree Onesie...they say the apple doesn't' fall far from the tree.

Second design: Hug a tree Toddler tee-shirt ( I like how this turned out better than the apple and the tree, oh well. It really only fits on a toddler tee shirt, not a onesie)

And my pride and joy of new designs.... Black bird fly! Onesie and Girls tee. First time I have used colored onsies. I hope this one does well! Super hip and modern.

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek at my new designs.

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