Sunday, August 30, 2009

india art ideas

Usually I go
*cave art -sept
*India/Middle east-jan
*South America-april
*Central America-may
*Native North America -june

give or take a few weeks here and there. This year I want to move India to October because that is when Diwali occurs. I also want to do a very short day of the dead activity but no move my entire central America/Mexico unit.

There are great projects having to do with Diwali, the New year, the festival of light.

We will make little clay bowls for our flame less candles
Design a Mandala (middle school only. get's its own post)
Make Loki's foot prints (little kids only)
Make peacock art
elephant art
Try our hand at Mehndi
and make Doorway welcome flags Torans
Here are some inspiration images

foot prints for 2nd-3rd.

2nd peacock art

3rd-5th peacock art

cute, maybe some older kids will want to make this, too much work and paper for lower grades in the large number of students I see

elephant template link
great for 2nd-3rd
Too cute! made from felt and the elephant templet. Could 4th-5th manage to sew these or should we make them "stuffed" with paper, staples and plastic bags like with the carosol horse I made in elementary school.

Then there is the elepthant batike I did in summer school. I wnat to do it with paper with one grade level and with glue and fabric with the older kids and their choice of India animal. Maybe 4th will paper batik and 5th will sew if they still have the good attitude from last year it hink they can pull it off and not do a peacock project.

rangoli examples and links:
love this for older kids. has the Diwali lamp
3rd grade example and link to more examples by kids
and more adult and kid examples
this set up reminds me of a geo board. maybe we can use them to help us create our designs. Good math connection, reminds me of quilt designs.
the link to the website with samples:

made from flower petals. So pretty

some patterns:

grid system like the geo board
dot to dot design

Next are Toran's or wall or door hangings that are made with bands and "drops" or flags

band and drop designs

lots of great examples
love the elephants and lotus

more traditional colors

I am now following a blog with a ton of desgins from India. The ones from west india look really helpfull.

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