Thursday, August 27, 2009


just a few images of things I want to do with my students this year. I want to do a whole dinosaur unit with K-1 this year. Who doesn't like dinos. I'm not sure if we can get to the place where they can control the white glue so we will probably have to do with white crayon. But the glue will be worth a try. From that artist women

Next this seems like a good time killer to have on hand. I wonder if the 2nd graders handwriting is good enough now for this to work. From art projects for kids

And this one is for all the grade levels when we do Mexico and south America. A great example of bark painting. Beautiful colors and detail from Teach Kids Art.
I think the key here is a lesson on using two colors that look good together in each space. Like the Purple and red and the yellow and blue green. Ah analogous colors. Ding. Also love how the dots remind me of aboriginal dot painting.

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