Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art room # 4 cave art 2nd-3rd grade projects

2nd-3rd: I will set up the lesson by reading The First Dog, then we will look at a few posters of cave art drawings. We will think about what kinds of things we see in the paintings (animals, hand prints, some people, weapons for hunting). Then we will think about what colors we see used. We will also pay close attention to how the art works are "signed" by the artists hand print.

We will then do two project that I believe will take about three sessions (including reading the book).

Project 1: An easy version of the same project that all 2nd-8th graders will do. I hope to put them all together and plaster the hallway I am in to make our own cave. We will do a guided drawing practice of a four legged horse like animal. I'll show the kids how to put on a horse mane or different types of antlers to make it a elk or antelope. We will also do a guided practice drawing of a mammoth.

After our guided drawings we will crumple brown paper bags, tear along the edges to make it look rough like rock and do a drawing of the animal we practiced before. We will make sure to "sign" our work by tracing around our hand.

Here are some cute examples from kindergartners Ceder Creek Elementary School
( I full anticipate my 2nd graders work to look a lot like these kindergartners work based on how far along they were at the end of last year. Most of our students are one to two years behind developmentally due to a variety of reasons)

Our second project will have the student's making "clan" necklaces.
*On paper I will print a circle about the size of a silver dollar.
*Student's will make a disk out of modeling clay and add modeling clay on top of it with snakes of clay to make a design or they can "carve" into the clay.
*We will then take the disk. Put it face up in a wax paper cup and pour in plaster of Paris mixed with vermiculite that gives a stone texture.
*We will stick a bar-b-q skewer into the cup to make a hole in the pendent.
(Put each students name on the cup! )
* We will let the pendents dry for a week and then tear off the paper cup to revel the pendent.
(Make sure to write each students name on the back of the pendent! )

If I get the funding I want to get some fake leather cording to make the necklace part.

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