Saturday, August 22, 2009

art room # 6 First week of class projects- take two

I've been thinking about it and am realizing doing a hand print color wheel the first week or two back is bound to lead to disaster with a lot of my classes. There is no reason to have paint out for the first week or two. So I have rethought my first projects and borrowed from Deep Space Sparkle and Art Projects for kids.

Kinder- sticking with self portraits and reading "Ish".

1st- Fly into a new school year birds from this lesson :

2nd- Lord, I don't know what to expect for this one. Overall the 1st graders last year were out of control and many were really, really send that kid to counseling troubled. Getting through any project was hell on wheels. Maybe we will do the birds that the 1st graders are doing...I'm going to have to think about this one.

3rd - this is a pretty happy group. We will be making color wheel hot air balloons with theme of "Sail into Third Grade"
We will use this lesson and maybe have the kids divide the balloon part into the color wheel and use the media of their choice to color or collage each section. Only trick is each color needs to be a different media. We will see if they are up to this challenge or if I need to just let them decorate them however they want.

4th and 5th: Joan Miro Name and self portraits. I like the silly-ness of this project. It is a personalized project that doesn't require the kids to get caught up in "realism" or, "it doesn't look like me!" break downs.
We will start by looking at some of Miro's people and the way he connected his lines and used lines, dots and containted shapes (good reviwe) First we will write our name at the top of the page and Miro-it (I made it into an action) adding lines and dots and stuch till our names are disguised. Then we will do "self portraite's" Miro style following these directions.
combined with this

Looking forward to "harvest" season (aka Halloween) I really want to do something with the book Owl Moon and do some owl projects. I found this owl applique the other day and am really inspired by his expressive eyes. I will create a paper quilt applique collage project based of this little guy:

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  1. Good luck with the projects! I can relate to how unpredictable 1st graders can be. last year I had a pretty tough group of 1st graders, too.
    Let me know how the lessons worked for you...
    Deep Space Sparkle